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Kirk Hoppner

Happy Home Owner

Custom Design + Development

Kirk Hoppner - Metal, Glass and Wood Stairs

What Made you decide to work with us?

We were looking for something a little different for our modern/industrial home that would set our house apart from everyone else. We had heard about Branje Metal Works and their ability to listen to homeowner requests and turn their ideas into reality and decided to reach out to see what they could offer to create something functional within the space we had.


Before coming to us, what was your biggest struggle?

When we started building our home we knew the concept we wanted as we had found inspiration online but didn't know who would be able to accomplish all the aspects of the design. We had other contacts that could do certain portions of the job but no one seemed to be able to look after all the design features in one shop.


Kirk Hoppner - Metal, Glass and Wood Stairs - Second Floor
Kirk Hoppner - Metal, Glass and Wood Stairs - Second Floor Back View

How did working together help solve that problem?

Branje Metal Works is a real one-stop shop. Our staircase area would feature glass, wood, steel and concrete and we really needed to be able to tie all of this together.  Branje was able to make everything look flawless, from our steel stringer to the metal-framed glass railing to the formed bent floor edges around our openings. They always had a solution for any of the issues that arose while building.

Since build completion, how have things changed?

Since completing our build, we are always amazed at how flawlessly things came together. All the materials and items we chose for our home flow together just the way we imagined. We are so happy that we chose to use the right guys who not only looked after our three staircases but also many other projects around our home.


Kirk Hoppner - Metal, Glass and Wood Stairs - Upward View
Kirk Hoppner - Home

"We were absolutely impressed with their collaboration and meticulous workmanship."

If you are looking for a flawless solution then Branje Metal Works is the right choice for you.

Kirk Hoppner - Happy Home Owner

Kirk Hoppner
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